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Our online application is for faculty and staff positions. Magnolia Oak is located on North Siwell Road near Highway 18. Magnolia Oak serves scholars 6 weeks to 7th grade (adding a grade every year up to the 12th grade). We are a 50/50 school. Our 50/50 school enrolls fifty percent general ED scholars and fifty percent Neurodivergent scholars. It is our goal to educate scholars through the natural process by using various methods of learning experiences. We have memberships with the National Microschooling Center, Mississippi Early Childhood Association, and Southern Early Childhood Association. We foster an environment of a positive family atmosphere for employees and enrolled families.

Magnolia Oak Microschool prohibits unlawful discrimination, including harassment and retaliatory behavior , on the basis of an applicant's or employees' race, color, gender, religion and national or ethnic origin, age, or disability.

Positions Availble

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