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More About Magnolia Oak Microschool


It is our belief, that with the right support, scaffolding, and allowing scholars to naturally develop their academic skills, they can learn. Scholars are allowed to work at their own pace using various techniques of learning.


By providing an equitable, empowering, and engaging education to our students, we (Magnolia Oak, educators, parents, and community members) will witness successful student achievement.


Our Mission is to provide an equitable and unique learning experience.





Community Minded

How do we measure SUCCESS?

At Magnolia Oak Microschool, students are surrounded by other bright peers with learning differences and quickly realize they are not alone; they are part of a strong community of active learners, that are capable of amazing achievements.
We believe students who receive the appropriate help and support can develop the skills necessary to be self-paced learners in all learning environments. We aim to teach all of our students how to leverage their strengths in areas that may be difficult, and how to advocate for the tools needed to succeed.

Our scholars are not "taught to the test". Scholars are given a placement test upon enrollment. Our highly qualified staff will develop a learning plan specifically for the scholar. The scholar will begin their learning plan with support that will be scaffolded onto the next appropriate academic level. Aside from unit assessments ( formerly known as weekly tests, i.e. spelling tests), scholars are evaluated 3 times a year; beginning of the year (placement test), middle of the year (before Christmas Break), and end of the year (May). These evaluations are only tied to the growth or decline of a scholar. And, allow teachers and supporters to plan for the positive development of the scholar effectively.

Our learning environments are flexible for the scholar to learn in. Most lessons are accompanied by hands-on experiences and real-life experiences. Scholars are taught by a live person instead of being placed on a computer for most of an instructional day. Scholars are allowed to grow academically at their own pace with guidance and support from teachers, staff, therapists, and parental involvement. 

Teacher Helping Student
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