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All About Magnolia Oak Microschool

Making a Difference

Magnolia Oak Microschool is  a private, independent microschool for scholars with Neurodivergent disorders, such as Autism, Reading/Math disability, Dyslexia, and Down Syndrome. We serve scholars Pre K 3 to 7th grade (adding a grade every year until 12th grade).  Scholars are organized into groups instead of grades. Each group will have two teachers (licensed teacher and a teacher assistant) with 8 to 12 scholars per class. On-site therapeutic services are offered through insurance and private pay. Scholars will be exposed to multiple outdoor adventures, gross motor activity, and Outdoor Classroom experiences. Lessons are individualized based on the needs of the scholar. Scholars will also engage in elective classes on Friday. A few of those classes will be computer, music, art, and library. Magnolia Oak Microschool is a member of National Microshooling Center.

Mixed Race Down Syndrome Class

Our Mission

Our Values




Community -Minded

Magnolia Oak Microschool’s mission is to provide equitable educational practice to  families with scholars of Neurodivergent disorders in Jackson, MS. It’s our goal to provide individualized curriculum, encourage and support growth; even the smallest milestone.

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"Soaring Beyond Limitations 


Magnolia Oak will host "Soaring Beyond Limitations Playdates" will begin in October. Playdates will be held the first Saturdays of every month. Harvest Carnival will be October 31st at 6 p.m. 

Soaring Beyond Limitations Playdates are $25.00 annually with the exception of Chuck E Cheese.  Space is limited.

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2023 - 2024 School Year

Virtual Informational 

Informational video is pinned to Facebook and Instagram.

Open House

August 28, 2023

For more details, or to schedule a visit to our school, get in touch today.

2570 Siwell Road

Suite K 

Jackson, MS


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